Sunday, May 30, 2010

Should we Change the spacing of the Triple Crown races?

I like tradition. Then why would I want to even discuss changing anything about the Triple Crown races? Because I think we need to do what's best for the horses. Sorry to say but,
horses are not as sturdy and durable as they once were. Here and there, you find a throwback, but ever since breeders started breeding for the commercial market, we witnessed an infusion of speed into bloodlines. What was thought to benefit breeder's pockets, may also have been the beginning of the demise of the thoroughbred of old. But it's what we have. If breeders decide to change this, we won't see results for many years to come.With that being said, and because of this ,horses don't race as much as they used to and in addition, they need more time to recuperate between races. They are telling us this, so we need to listen. Some may think that extending the weeks between each TC race would somehow make it easier to win. This couldn't be farther from the truth. On the contrary, it would mean that horses would be in better shape, MORE, good 3 year olds would be looking for competition, to me it's a win-win. With better competition, the handicappers and tracks would see more dollar signs. The fans would be happier knowing that the industry is thinking about putting the horse FIRST, and the owners and breeders would be happy, because their horses would last longer and be given more time to show their ability. So keep the Derby on the first Saturday in May. Have Pimlico offer the Preakness the first Saturday in June and then run the Belmont over the Fourth of July holiday. What are your thoughts?


  1. I think that after witnessing the lack of triple crown winners in the past zillion years, proves that they truly WERE great race horses. No lasix. Stamina and soundness were the keys. Many raced more than what you are seeing today.
    It makes you appreciate the past winners all the more. I can't wait for that Secretariat movie...I don't want to see his legacy die. This is a great way for the new race fans to see a great horse. His elegance took my breath away.

  2. Good points, Annie, and thanks for stopping by!