Saturday, August 14, 2010

Congratulations, a Grade II and the BEST ICE CREAM !

Congratulations to Don Pierce, Randy Romero, M.E. "Buster" Millerick, Azeri, Point Given, Best Pal & Harry Bassett!  The Hall of Fame Ceremony at the newly renovated Sales Pavilon on Friday was filled with memories, appreciation and emotion. If you've never attended one of these events, it's well worth the trip. In addition to acknowledging the New Members, it's a treat to see a good number of  existing  members, both trainers and jockeys, all in the same room. There's a lot of picture taking, hand shaking, and reminiscing going on. The Pavilion is the perfect  place to hold the event, you can see it all, from any seat, but I did hear there were some "technical difficulties", with the outside feed. But for those in attendance, as usual, it was another memorable event. For more information on the new inductees, see the National Museum of Racing website, here. Later in the day, in the Grade II National Museum of Racing  Hall of Fame Stakes, it came down to a 3 way photo finish. Interactif collared a game Krypton and survived  an on-rushing Grand Rapport who got up to be second. So two noses and a head separated the top three.
And if this wasn't enough , I found the BEST Ice cream at Johnny's Gourmet Italian Ices, at 382 Broadway.  formerly home of Saratoga News. Johnny's offers Handcrafted ice creams, vegan  ice creams and Italian  water ices and cream ices. If you are in the mood, you HAVE to try the "Bourbon Vanilla" cream ice, of course you have to like bourbon, but it is to die for!
 Hall of Famers, a good Grade 2 on the turf, bourbon and ice cream - it doesn't get much better than that.    

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