Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Reality Check

Another 3 and ½ million or so people got to see a glimpse of The Factor’s Rebel stretch run last night on the O’Reilly Factor, when host Bill O’Reilly included him in a segment. A very animated Bill, wished the horse and his owners a hearty congratulations and continued good luck on the road to the Derby.

Intermixed with stories on the air strikes in Libya; is Gaddafi a target, or not? Should he stay or should he go? ( what’s the hesitation? I vote Go… bye, bye) the nuclear disaster in Japan, and other glum world news, watching The Factor cruise at Oaklawn was a welcomed sight. It surely got some attention, and maybe brought in a few new fans.

Shown in the segment called “Reality Check”, I’m not sure if there’s anything to read into that. As in the further he goes, will there be a “reality check?.” But for now, highlighting what’s exciting and good about Horse Racing on the #1 cable news show, is free promotion and a valued endorsement and that's always good for our sport.


  1. The Factor the horse, is not named for O'Reilly's show, is he?

  2. According to this article at the Courier Journal, there are two meanings to the name.
    One, "the factor" is the name given to those in Eurpoe who manage royal estates AND, Bill O's show on Fox.


  3. The_Knight_Sky,

    Bob Baffert is a Bill O'Reilly fan and talks about it in this youtube video:


  4. That's great publicity, I hope he keeps profiling The Factor as he continues his Kentucky Derby journey.
    It's nice to see a 'conservative' Derby runner among all those liberals. ;)

  5. Mr. Carter,
    Thanks for the You Tube link.

    And excuse the spelling error in my above comment. Should be "Europe"

    A "conservative Derby runner", I like that...
    AND he's from California...go figure....