Sunday, April 3, 2011

What Color is Your Rainbow Pick Six ?

I woke up this morning and decided that today was the day to play the 10 cent Rainbow Pick Six at Gulfstream. With the carryover of $902,000, it will be well over a million by post time of the 7th race. I am a fan of microbets but this will be the first time I try this bet. Sure, the takeout is high and it’s crazy to think I would ever end up with the lone ticket for the whole pot. But this is what people who play horses, do. It has been hit before and someone will hit it again.

I don’t often play the Pick Six. But when I have, I try to both handicap logically and, outside the box, too. Is this considered a strategy? I don’t know, but it’s the path I will take.

While I will most likely make some last minute changes, this is what I’m thinking. I will probably construct two or three tickets, with one or two singles. It looks to be a tough card today, but aren’t they all?

Race 7

Mobilizer / Storm on The Moon

Race 8

Little Mike / Asphalt

Race 9


Race 10

Soldat / Shackleford

Race 11

Krypton / Guys Reward

Race 12

White Hill / Perfect Afleet

2x2x1x2x2x2 =32 x .10 = $3.20

For a second ticket, I will stay with Colizeo as a single and also single Stay Thirsty. I will probably add a third horse in the 11th and the 12th.

2x2x1x1x3x3=36 x.10 = $3.60

So if my math is correct, that’s a lot of fun for 6 dollars and some change.

Good luck to anyone playing today. Someone is going to win that pot of gold.

Speaking of the Pick Six, Kudos ( again) to my teammates in the P.A.I.H.L over at Pace Advantage , this time it was “pick six Annie”, who broke alertly, got a good position, circled the field and pulled away to score decisively to keep us at the top of our division.

Go Team!!!!


  1. Good luck,Susan on your picks and may you reach the end of the rainbow where the cash will be waiting. These fun bets attract the fans and make a good gambling bet at the same time. You don't win it, if you don't play it. That is my feeling anytime I play. And... two times I hit! It was certainly worth the 8 dollars and 16 the second time. At times we know too mauch and it can cause problems when picking horses. Stay true to who you are when you gamble and don't always read what others have to say. It has messed me up in the past listening to others professional or otherwise.
    Thanks for your support for our team in P.A.I.L. All luck...just lucky yesterday... still threw out a few I wish I could take back but... happy with what I did for our team. Hopeufully can keep it going for my next 2 times. Again, good luck today.

  2. It's hard for me to make a bet when 52% of what I bet is gone the moment I make the wager.

    I can't play this wager but good luck with your ticket today.

  3. Pick 6 Annie ?

    How can anyone not like that handle?