Monday, July 18, 2011

Girls Get It Done

Listen up Racing Fans! For all those who have been crying for months that racing is uninspiring, the three year olds suck, the Europeans turf horses are always better, jocks can’t ride, racing is doomed, and just about everything else that people complain about, clear your head, open your eyes and watch the replay of the Delaware Handicap.

Watch it a few times and just let it sink in.

You are watching two great fillies battle down to the wire. This, my friends, is what makes horseracing the best sport in the world. Heart in a racehorse is on display here. Both these fillies gave everything they had in a stirring stretch drive, with only inches separating them at the finish. Blind Luck and Havre de Grace were tuned to perfection, by master horsemen. Blind Luck got the bob, and kudos to her, but no one can argue that both girls were remarkable. Steve Haskins writes about it here.

This rivalry is truly special to see, and don’t take it lightly. Rivalries in our sport have become rare. Fingers crossed, both stay healthy and sound and we can see this continue for a while longer.

I so wanted a dead heat on Saturday, because I am a huge fan of both horses and really didn’t want to see one of these great fillies lose. And it very nearly happened. It was close. And just what about that 2 lbs? That’s the handicapper’s job, and the owners and trainers have to make some tough decisions about whether to accept the assignment or not. After reading all the circumstances surrounding the Delaware Handicap in Mr. Haskins’ piece, I can’t blame Mr. Hollendorfer for expressing his pre-entry conditions, nor can I blame Mr. Jones for his concerns either. Both have to protect their horses in whatever way they can.

So, many thanks to all the connections for being gifted horsemen and generous sportsmen. Their commitment to the sport is outstanding. But a bigger thanks to Blind Luck and Havre de Grace for putting on the show. Thanks for reminding us, once again, how great you both are and how special our sport is.

For racing fans, it doesn’t get any better than this.


  1. I can't believe some of the commenters are focusing on the weight spread as the decisive factor.

    The distance and tactics had a lot to do with the outcome. Far more than 2 lbs.

  2. I agree Norm. The fact that Blind Luck never felt the whip (even though I've heard she doesn't like to be whipped) tell me she had more to give than Grace in the end. Good ride on both sides.

  3. Thanks guys, for visiting...I still wanted a dead heat