Saturday, June 23, 2012

From Royal Ascot to Frog Juice - The Good with the Bad

What a week for our sport! International racing took center stage at Royal Ascot and did not disappoint. THIS was the year to be there. Frankel decimated his opposition in the Queen Anne Stakes drawing off by 11, to prove that he may be, indeed, the best in the World. And the Queen of the Turf, Australia’s Black Caviar, came, saw and conquered in the Golden Jubilee, still undefeated with her 22-win record. While we really won’t know what her jock was thinking approaching the wire, she won, and that’s all there is to it. Rumors abound that she was not 100% herself going in, and what equine would be? with the travelling she had to endure to get there. But take nothing away from “Nelly”, she is a true champion.

And kudos to the Maryland Racing Commission as they have finally awarded Triple Crown winner Secretariat the Preakness Stakes record after 39 years. We all knew it was his, but it has finally become official. Better late-than never.

But as great a week that it was, racing's image did take a hit.

And how offenders will be handled is the next question. “Frog Juice”, or dermorphin, has reared its ugly head in Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico and quite possibly, Texas. New York has been testing this for several months, and no positives have been found.Frog juice is an ILLEGAL, powerful opiate. It is 40 times more powerful than morphine. It is dangerous to horses, and jockeys, not to mention, unfair to the wagering public.

Whoever is using this-needs to be ruled off FOR LIFE, no questions, and no second chances. Stiff penalties will rid the game of cheats and low-life. If Racing Commissions have the ability to do this, it must be done.

This is an opportunity to set an example. Those that use a drug like this drug don’t deserve to be anywhere near the game of horseracing.

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