Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Where's My Preak?

For some reason, I am having a hard time getting my “preak” on. It’s 3 days before the middle jewel of the Triple Crown and I feel like I should be more excited, and have a clearer picture of the contenders. Don’t get me wrong, if we are looking at a potential TC winner, I’m all for that. But are we?

Animal Kingdom surprised a lot of people. And he ran a great race. Is he THAT good? I guess, in my book, I’m just not sure yet. I feel like I need to see another great race out of him before I’m convinced.

Mucho Macho Man continues to train like a racehorse should. Another very good work this week; you just cannot deny that this horse keeps moving forward.

And will Shackleford move forward off his Derby effort? Cuz if so, what will we see? The pace should be faster, can he sit and wait?

Zito keeps saying Dialed In is the best three year old in the country. Still.

Should we consider Dance City? His win over Cal Nation was as game as they come. And now that the Arkansas Derby has become the most formfull of the preps, you can’t ignore him. He has that speed over stamina pedigree that could prove very tough, the more seasoned he gets.

Mr. Commons is intriguing too - a win on dirt, a win on turf, bullets on synthetic….here we go again…

And will we be handicapping for an “off” track?

Maybe in a day or so, I will find my Preak…

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