Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Reflections on Horse of The Year

Witnessing "greatness" can make your heart beat faster, it can take your breath away. It can make you cheer, it can make you weep. It can find you speechless, it can cause you to ramble. But there is no mistaking it.When you see it, or feel it, it can't be denied.

You can dissect and analyze forms, numbers, figs,sheets, replays, workouts, comments, ratings, class and professional opinions; you can look in your head, you can look in your heart. But in the end, this year was all about Zenyatta. It was about her achievements on the track, the records she crushed and on top of all that, it was about the positive light that she brought to our sport. Not only was she the deserving Horse of the Year, she WAS Horse racing for the last three years.

To so many, it was easy to see just how great she was.

Claiborne Farm is one of the most famous breeding farms in the world, and their legacy and dominance is huge. From Bold Ruler to Mr. Prospector, from Round Table to Danzig, from Secretariat to Easy Goer, the best of the best have been born and bred there.Though it was a year of celebration for the mighty farm, for Blame it was the wrong year to be a star. Because no star shone more brightly than Zenyatta's. Even in her lone defeat by inches, she elevated the sport of horse racing, reaching new fans and re-energizing old ones. She was the "gift" that kept on giving, and this year the voters finally got it right.

Congratulations to Zenyatta, the Horse of the Year and  to her owners Anne and Jerry Moss, to John and Dottie, to Mike and Steve, to Mario and Carmen and all the other members of her family.
Thank you all for sharing her with us. It's been an incredible ride. 

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