Sunday, February 27, 2011


Kudos to my team members Dave and Annie for keeping us alive in the Pace Advantage Interboard Handicapping League. Starting in January and running through Derby Day, there are 50 teams of three handicappers, playing 8 “events” each Saturday. Races are usually Stakes, and they are from all around the country. Though scoring for yesterday is still “unofficial”, we may have slipped a tad from last week, but it looks like we are in pretty good shape.We are doing extremely well for first time starters. The big one that we missed was the 40 to one shot in the Turf Paradise Derby…Beer Meister, who trailed early and finished up like he was shot out of cannon.

Heads up to anyone who is playing in the NHC this year. Next Saturday is the Free Online Handicapping Challenge for 4 spots to the finals.

I think I am sold on Soldat. He had to prove to me that he wasn’t just a turf/mud horse, and yesterday’s performance did just that. He is just one of those horses that will run on anything. I liked that he relaxed on the lead despite early pressure and won rather easily. That 18 to 1 week- one- future wager is looking better and better.

Did I mention that in the last 40 years, 12 Derby winners had names beginning with the letter “S”?

R. Heat Lightning is back, as I suspected she would be, with a very professional performance yesterday. Dancinginherdreams was getting out a bit at the top of the stretch and never finished up the way I expected her to. Two turns will be the answer for her, I think.

I had the pleasure of analyzing the Grade 3 Canadian Turf today at ThoroFan’s Handicapping Corner, as the guest handicapper from Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance. It’s a class drop for Society’s Chairman after chasing Gio Ponti and Goldikova last year, a perfect race set-up for Twilight Meteor, and a first-race-back for Yankee Fourtune after a 5 win streak last year.

Have fun with your "fandicapping" today. Hope you bet little and win big!


  1. One thing about this game and hopefully no one will disagree, it is humbling. One day, you feel like the best handicapper in the world and the next day, your picks seem to have better things to do than run in a race. Not an easy game no matter what anyone says. I am enjoying my first handicapping contest with this gang but only because dear Susan reminds us to have fun. If not, it would be a trip to the oven and thank God mine is electric. Ha.
    Soldat took a lot of late money which should have been a red flag showing that maybe some of us who worried about his previous races, the bettors did not. My excitement dealt with War Front's sire, Danzig. He is still with us folks through his offspring. Goldikova is a grand-daughter of my man Danzig and we know she has proven herself constantly besides her record 3-3 BC wins. Not too many Breeders Cups or any other big race goes by without his bloodlines popping up. He was not an overbred sire but he made his mark. 3-3 on the track until a wicked slab fracture ended his career. One wonders what he could have achieved if fate had not poked up its ugly head. It seems okay though since his offspring seem to thrive on any surface and win important races. Who knows what the Derby will bring as there have been a few shockers as of late. One thing for sure, they all better bring on their running shoes to beat my Brethern.
    I think To Honor and Serve was short as was the filly of Ward's. Now you know that Johnny V. will leave THS and stick with Uncle Mo which he probably would have anyways. Maybe Mott should have changed jocks as with one race to go, you really do not want to fool around with jockeys.
    Good luck Susan with your contest. You know what you are doing and are a grass expert.
    I enjoyed your article besides your expertise displayed on your blog site.

  2. Thank you for the kind words, Anne. We all have our good days (and bad). But there is only one "Pick Six Annie"
    Glad your Danzig is still being well represented.
    You have alot of info to share... when are you going to start a blog? You should seriously think about it!

  3. That's great you're in the Pace Advantage League. I'll be checking in on your team.
    Participation makes the world go 'round.

    As for Soldat I'm not sure he was as good as he looked. For one thing he had th shortest trip around the oval in the FOY. Secondly To Honor and Serve wasn't cranked up for this race. This is another case of trainers throwing in their horses without sprint preps to the detriment of their conditioning program. Hard to say for certain Mott will be able to move his big horse off this laborious effort.