Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Rewind

I have watched the replay of the Big’ Cap several times and two things comes to mind. The first, and most important thing is, Thank God! everyone stayed on their feet. But the other thing is how unfortunate, and maybe unfair, it was for Setsuko and his connections. This horse was running the race of his career, one that many of us thought he had in him. He was minding his own business, playing nice, and got parlayed not once, but twice. Momentarily getting the wind knocked out of him, and getting banged up, (hopefully, not seriously) he gutted it out to lose by inches. Had none of the interference happened (that is, Twirling Candy knocking Game On Dude sideways while Chantal was hitting left-handed) Setsuko would have not been interfered with and would, without question, had a clear shot at victory.
So IMO, everything that happened was between TC and GOD, and Setsuko was the one that suffered the most, in that it probably cost him a Grade I win. And so, where was the fairness there? An in addition, if Steward Scott Chaney could say it was a 50-50- argument, then why does it fall one way and not the other?

Is Uncle Mo teaching Stay Thirsty in the mornings, or is it the other way around?? Nice win by the “workmate” and I have always thought highly of him. Perhaps what he beat was questionable, but he galloped out strong and, all in all, I think he got what he needed at this stage of the game. And that’s the pedigree that wants the classic distance.

Speaking of Stay Thirsty’s sire Bernadini, could he be any hotter?

Not only did he have a maiden breaker in the Phipps homebred, Break up the Game, out of the Mr. Prospector mare Pennant Champion at Gulfstream on Saturday, but he had a first time starter at Santa Anita that had a very flashy debut. Wilburn, out of Moonlight Sonata, by Carson City, won impressively and should certainly go on to bigger and better.

And big THANK YOU to Dixie’s Sandals, Deanaallen’skitten, Rockette Escapade and Waquoit’s Dance for all doing their jobs nicely and giving me the super in the last race at Gulfstream on Saturday. Love those dime supers!


  1. Blown call!

    Seen too many races in my life.
    DQ all the way.

  2. The Big Cap is hard to sort out but it appeared to me that Twirling Candy was the instigator and if so Game On Dude wasn't at fault.
    Both ran great races but Setsuko probably would have won without the interference.

    I can't wait to see Uncle Mo!! :)