Wednesday, October 27, 2010

BC Classic - Does Witnessing History Trump the Score?

Do you want to look back on this Classic as the Coronation of the Queen?
Will you be rooting for Zenyatta or just hoping to make a score?

Do you want to have that ultimate feeling that you have witnessed the campaign of a very special race horse, a horse that with the win in the Classic, will remain undefeated, unrivalled, and without a doubt one of the best horses you have ever seen?

OR, are you looking to make a score in the Classic, by trying to outsmart the next guy; by picking some sleeper to upset the field; to hope for a loose-on- the- lead- type, who can steal the race; to hope there is a traffic jam and maybe the best horse doesn’t win, and because of any of those scenarios, you prosper?

Bottom line, if you bet against Zenyatta in the Classic, how will you feel when she wins?

Of course, I have no doubt in my mind that Zenyatta will once again show us her dominance and greatness. I also think that the dirt will move her up. And though there will be a handful of horses in the field that in any other year could win a Classic, I really do think that everyone else is running for second money. So, without seeing the entries and still 10 days out, Zenyatta is my key. If the Queen has an off day, which can always happen in this game, I will have an off day too. I’ll get over it. That’s racing.

There will be plenty of gambling opportunities to make money during the 2 days of Breeder’s Cup races including the Classic. But, it’s not about the “score” in that race. It is about way more than that. It is about the Coronation. Is this my heart talking? Is this a case of not being able to separate my emotions from my handicapping skills? Maybe, but I will be rooting for the Queen because I truly believe she can and will win, and because I want that ultimate high knowing that I will have been a small part of the ride into racing history. To me, that trumps the score every time.


  1. I am one of the very few who saw Z's maiden win in person at Hollywood Park on Thanksgiving Day in 2007. (I'm from Los Angeles) I have loved her since she crossed the wire that day. I have done stupid things to see her (like leaving the ER to go see her run in the El Encino). I have been very lucky in my short life to see both Azeri and Ghostzapper break their maiden live in person. Z is the best I have ever seen. Yet I will not be betting on her to win.

    I love Blame. I said at the beginning of the year, knowing full well that Zenyatta was going to run this year, that Blame would win the Breeders' Cup Classic. Nothing I have seen this year has changed my mind. Seeing her run in the Santa Margarita, Vanity or Clement L. Hirsch did nothing to changed my mind. I fully understand the ramifications of her winning, but my mind thinks the time has come for her to lose.

    If she wins, I'll be happy. I'll have no remorse or negativity towards her at all. (other than a few torn-up tickets) I will celebrate her and her win, but not celebrate with her fans. Those fans, no matter how they acted (good or bad) beforehand deserve their faith. All I hope is that they don't act like sore winners, trashing every horse in history if she wins. I would also expect the same level of civility from people if she were to lose. There is no reason to throw her across the coals if she were to lose.

    I love her, I won't bet her, but I have no problem with her winning.

  2. Thanks for visiting Chris!
    And your points are well taken ( well except for the "it's time for her to lose" part). But I do see how Blame can sway you. There are a couple in there that can be brilliant on the right day. I too, witnessed Z's very first race, though not ontrack, and this East Coaster was heavily invested right from the get-go. Win or lose, it's been a great ride that she has taken us on.

  3. This final race for Zenyatta transcends the betting cages and the tipsters and touts. The race is above it all. It is the pinnacle of the Sport of Kings and the Phoenix of the Sport of Queens.
    Just as the NFL player with all his millions longs for that shiny gold ring to wear on just one finger. Or that baseball team with all their fame and glory want for the silky cloth banner to fly above the fences. It's more than money or status or privilege... it is that of a champion, a hero. It is just short of supernatural. We've seen it before with Secretariat, Ali, Ruth, Gretzky, Palmer, Montana-Rice etc., etc.
    Savor the moment while we are in that moment, for tomorrow it will be just a memory or a movie or some greatness we hope to relive somewhere down the road of life.

  4. So very well said, and that is why you are the "Track Philosopher"
    Thanks for the words of wisdom!

  5. You know me - first and foremost a bettor. Always looking for the score, but I'll be cheering just as hard as you if the Queen beats me.

  6. Hey Dave!
    Thanks for visiting. I think I missed you the last time and only saw your post very recently. Yes, As a handicapper, I know where you are coming from,... but we need to have a side bet somewhere in all this... See you Friday!
    To Ichimiki,
    Thank you for stopping by. Glad you like my sight.