Saturday, October 2, 2010


The big mare never ceases to amaze me. She is historically reaching new heights every time she performs. One wonders where it all comes from. She gives consistency a whole new meaning. She is the epitome of what we all look for in a race horse. She is the gold standard , the yardstick, the barometer of the
ultimate race horse with a will to win.

Extraordinary outstanding PERFECT spectacular unrivaled awesome PERFECT unequalled PERFECT unsurpassed amazing ultimate perfect incomparable unparalleled unmatched PERFECT inimitable consummate PERFECT matchless faultless PERFECT  unspoiled stunning impressive PERFECT brilliant magnificent perfect  peerless celebrated  PERFECT illustrious famous exceptional PERFECT gifted  incredible  fascinating unbelievable PERFECTcharismatic magical PERFECT great accomplished PERFECT remarkable phenomenal PERFECT rare unbeaten perfect astonishing breathtaking

How do you describe Zenyatta ?


  1. You pretty much covered exactly how many feel and as she was out about a sixteenth from the finish line.... heart-pounding fervor came to mind.
    Love reading your stuff.

  2. Thanks for visiting, we ARE running out of words to describe her!
    I'm looking forward to your Keeneland picks !