Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I must admit, late in Preakness week, I started to consider First Dude as a real contender for the Preakness. I was reading how well he was taking to the Pimlico surface, and I was smitten when I finally saw a few pictures of him. So he was my flat bet, across the board, and I thought I was a genius at the top of the stretch. And though he finished second to the very deserving winner Looking at Lucky, I was ecstatic with his game preformance, and his gallop out. But last night, as I was watching the replay of the race, just watching him on the front end , his cruising speed looked effortless, and just as amazing ,is his SIZE. He looked like a mature 4 year old, with little ponies following along , just trying to keep up. Go watch the replay, if you are inclined to follow this horse, you will be amazed. Now, could he be a "mile and a half" horse in less than 3 weeks? I don't know about that but.....


  1. It is always fun to follow a horse we feel has something special. Some just capture your heart and become a piece of you. We become their biggest fan and supporter. Horses with heart and a wqill to prove their worth are our favorites. In my eyes, to see the likes of Looking At Lucky, not even three yet, try his hardest each time while either being mauled or almost going down but yet willing to give it another try, is just heart warming. I watched First Dude in the video as you suggested. I spotted the things you were commenting about. So much easier to see after the race. He truly did try his hardest and there was no way he was giving up second place even though he had to give up first. This time!

  2. Yes Anne, I agree, after all the adversity, Looking at Lucky deserved this win. I'm happy for him and for Martin Garcia.
    Thanks for posting!

  3. Hi, I had the same reaction to First Dude. Actually my first reaction was that this horse could make a living in horse movies. Or as a sculptor's model. He is magnificent! I am definitely keeping my eye on him. I told people he was my pick and they thought I was crazy. But I would never take anything away from Lookin at Lucky. It's an interesting group of horses but when they don't stay in the Triple Crown picture, they sometimes don't get much media attention. I hope some of them will be at Saratoga this summer.

  4. Fran, I think the other horse in there that's interesting is Jackson Bend. He tries hard ALL the time. I would guess he may need a little freshening, but I think you will most definitly see him at Saratoga!
    Thanks for your comments, visit anytime!