Saturday, July 31, 2010

Haskell Questions

Which way to go in the Haskell? This is the type of situation where you wish you could camp out for a few days at the track to actually see how these horses look and act, coming up to what looks like a very important race with implications towards the  Breeder’s Cup and year end honors. How does the Derby winner look? Todd says he’s bigger and stronger. How did the Preakness winner ship? They say he shipped well and he handled his first gallop over the track with ease. How is the Dude doing? As good as he was doing before the Belmont, says his trainer. And Trappe Shot. Is Kiaran still brimming with confidence since his eye-catching win over the track last month, despite a clumsy start? Did Lezcano have his choice of Ice Box over Our Dark Knight? Is the latter, simply a rabbit? Could home track advantage make the difference with Afleet Express? Will angels carry Charlie over the Holy Ground where his trainer sleeps? A lot of questions, but, you still have to take a stand. So with that in mind, and at the time of this posting, I’m going to narrow it down to my final four : First Dude ( His performances are strong, even when he loses, and he should enjoy the turnback, he’s game no matter what), Trappe Shot ( we really don’t know just how good this colt is) Looking at Lucky ( whatever happens, he will run his race) and well, I can’t leave out a stronger, more focused, Super Saver, the Derby winner, can I ?
We can look in our crystal balls, we can handicap till we can’t see straight , we can study numbers, sheets, and replays, but till the Haskell is run and it’s in the books, we really don’t know which of these colts will take a step forward , lay it down, and come up a winner.
Good luck and a safe trip to all! It’s a hard race to handicap but it’s going to be a great race to watch.

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