Monday, August 30, 2010

Rachel's Diary

Dear Diary,

Well, the Personal Ensign did not go as Daddy Jess and Uncle Stevie had planned. I really did try to win another race for them, and all my fans, but, honestly, that extra furlong, did me in. I would have been ok, if it wasn’t for Shug’s filly, but hey, I guess the Racing Gods had it all planned out. Persistently blew right by me and it was almost like the spirit of Personal Ensign just took over - it was all over in the last few jumps. I mean really, when you think of it, a Phipps horse, in the Personal Ensign? You don’t see the karma in that? That just goes together like hay, oats and water. Some things are just meant to be, I guess. Calvin rode me the way he always rides me, ( he spanked me a bit more than I like), but I know Calvin has to do his job. It’s OK Calvin, we’re a good team you and I - you “ get “ me , and I like the way you don’t fool with my mouth so much. Just watch the spanking, OK, cuz, really dude, I know what to do, and I will do it if I can.

You know, I remember last year, at just about this time. It was the Woodward, right here at Saratoga. What a race that was! I beat OLDER boys! That was so cool! I think that was my most shining moment. Well, I had several great moments from last year. But, I also remember that I gave my all, in the Woodward. I gave everything I had and then some. I didn’t have a drop of try left in me that day. But I got the job done, didn’t I ? And hey, that race got me the biggest prize of them all in 2009, I was Horse of the Year. So looking back, I’m glad I threw it down that day, yes, it was so worth it!

But this year has been a whole ‘nother story. While everyone around me has been taking great care of me, what more do they want me to do? I have been saying all along, this is a different year. I’m a different horse. Yes, I am bigger and stronger, but I just really can’t seem to find that super drive I had last year. So what’s the big deal? I did it ALL last year, didn’t I?

I mean, you can’t be perfect all the time…well... let's not go there… but you know what I’m talking about…but I am doing my very best. What more can I do?

I’m hoping to have an easy week, Dear Diary, ‘cuz I was tired after Sunday’s race. But I’m Rachel and I’m honest, and no matter what the plan is, I will still try my best. I’m not sure I can ever be better than last year, I don’t think I can ever top that, and  honestly, I’m not really sure why I have to. 


  1. Very good blog! : )
    I agree with you Rachel, you did do it ALL last year. Rachel is still an excellent race horse, maybe just a bit pooped this year. Rachel will always be the most beautiful gal on the race track, you can never take that away from her. Love U Rachel Alexandra!

  2. Hi Luvbarbaro,
    Thanks for visiting. Let's hope Rachel's connections do what's right for her, whatever that is.

  3. Oh, you poor dear, we are just so glad that you are out there racing and not in some barn popping out yearling after yearling, forgotten and unseen.
    We're sorry we made you run that extra furlong. We shouldn't have done that... that's not your race.
    And that young filly that nipped you at the wire, well she's going to be very special too, just wait and see.
    Thank you, Rachel for giving us a show and don't give up. You're the 2009 Horse of the Year and nobody can take that away from you. We still love to watch you run!

  4. I loved this. And I don't usually go for first-person horse POV type pieces. But I loved this. Well said.