Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Factor is on The Factor

Once again, Horseracing has gained national media attention. Love him, or not, Bill O'Reilly's immensely popular show on Fox ran a replay of The Factor's ( by War Front) record breaking maiden race from  Santa Anita last night in his "Pinhead or Patriot" segment.
Don't be a pinhead, race on over there and vote "patriot" for The Factor. It's another vote for Horseracing.


  1. Visiting the O'Reilly site feeds the nation's hugest ego. I just can't go there - toss in a vote for me please.

  2. Thanks for visiting. I will be happy to throw in a vote for you!
    I remember clicking on a link a few months ago that took me over to the Huffington Report. I think it must have been an article about Zenyatta. I got a knot in my stomach and almost couldn't go. But I went and came out unscathed. Wasn't as bad as I thought.

  3. Any truth to the rumor that Keith Olberman is on suicide watch since the win by The Factor.?

  4. I don't know about that, but there's a rumor that Jon Stewart is trying to buy a piece of the colt under another name.