Wednesday, July 7, 2010

10 Things I Love about PEOPLE who love Horseracing

They always have great stories to tell

They never care about the weather, only the the track condition (Are we ON the turf, or OFF the turf?)

They can show their emotions every 20 minutes or so ( maybe more at a simulcast outlet)

They are eternal optimists (I WILL cash a ticket today)

They can take the good with the bad (Well she only got beat a neck for third)

They respect and appreciate how amazing horses are ( Yes, Zenyatta and Rachel are both extraordinary)

They are intelligent and analytical ( well maybe some are)

They are crazy and take shots (who cares where the smart money is, I’M still playing him)

They are passionate and loyal ( I’ve been playing this horse since he broke his maiden, can’t stop now)

And they don’t mind paying their dues to be a member of the Sport of Kings


  1. We pay our dues over the years to keep the sport and business going.

    All we want in return is a fair chance to get it all back one sunny day.

    BTW: nice poll you got here. ;-)

  2. Knight Sky,
    Yeah, there are a lot of us waiting for that sunny day! Thanks for visiting my blog, I have been over to your Monmouth site, still trying to win some cyberbucks, maybe this week...

  3. As an envious Garrett Morris said to Mick Jagger..."Just where DO you find these women?" (Old SNL skit).

    Susan, you eternal optimist, you.

    Where DO you find these particular horse players?!

  4. To "Anonymous",
    First off, thanks for stopping by. Not sure if we are on the same page here. So let me explain...My title says, "people who love horseracing" This includes people who love horses, come to the track, bet a little, sometimes bet a lot, maybe get involved in some way more than just the wagering end. Maybe they are in a partnership, maybe they own a few mares, maybe they have a small farm, maybe they train a few in the summertime.
    Maybe they have a few ex-racehorses that they have rehabilitated.Maybe they are horse owners who ride for pleasure or compete.
    Maybe they have worked on the backside, maybe their kids take riding lessons. Maybe their dads took them to the races when they were young and they are keeping the tradition going. So, yes, in some form they are horse players.Now don't get me wrong, these same people do their handicapping just like me and you, but they were all brought into the game for the love of the horses and all the grand traditions that come with it.The gambling end of it, is part of the fun puzzle that they play every 20 minutes or so during a day at the races.Or on their phone accounts an other days. Just come over to my picnic table by the paddock at Saratoga,come to the backside at Belmont,meet me at Suffolk, find me at my special hideaway at Keeneland. These are my peeps.That's where we are.
    You're welcome anytime.
    Maybe you are just hanging with the wrong crowd.
    Optimism is what's keeping this game alive, optimism is what gets you to turn the page of your program and go on to the next race. All horse players have it. Even you, Mr Anonymous.

  5. How true and well put, Susan. This is what it is all about being a race horse enthusiast. We are a colorful bunch with stories to back us up. Sense of humor is essential which makes us a great bunch to hang out with on any "Given Saturday".

  6. And we are all creatures of habit. That's how we all (your peeps) got together.

  7. Hey Dave,
    Thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to some fun times at the Spa!