Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saratoga... 40 Days of Racing and So Much More !

Opening Day is closing in fast. In addition to the best racing on the planet, check out these 10 things to see and do in Saratoga.

1. Visit the track for early morning training hours. You can have a formal breakfast on the track apron, or grab a coffee and a muffin and find a seat in the deserted box seats. Sit back, unplug and enjoy the morning ritual. Training hours end at 10 am.

2. The Oklahoma Training Track is not to be missed. It is across the street from the Sales Pavilion. Park near the clocker’s stand and watch the workouts. Check out the turf training track there as well, there’s training there 2 days a week, conditions permitting.

3. Visit the National Museum of Racing just across the street and about a furlong down from the track’s main entrance. Lots of history, lots of info, and a nice gift shop.

4. Spend the racing day at a picnic bench, under the trees, by the paddock. It‘s a great way to enjoy what is so special about Saratoga.

5. If you are there during the week of the Sales, walk through the sales barns and take a look at some of racing‘s future stars. The Humphrey S. Finney Sales Pavilion is open to the public, and the excitement of the Sales is something you will never forget.

6. Visit The Bread Basket for fresh baked breads, English muffins and other goodies. Visit  the Putnam Market for extraordinary gourmet gifts, specialty wines and THE BEST gourmet take-out foods. Check out great restaurants from up-scale to down –home and everything in between.

7. Take a short ride north down Broadway towards Skidmore College and take in the beautiful homes and stunning architecture. You can identify who lives where, by looking at the silks on the jockey statues out on the lawns. Be sure to walk through town in the evening, there is always something going on in the streets, lots of good energy and all the stores stay open late.

8. Great shopping for the horse enthusiast can be found at Impressions of Saratoga, Saratoga Saddlery, and other fine stores up and down Broadway. 

9. For something a little different, there’s Saratoga Polo that runs through Labor Day, and musical entertainment at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center almost every evening.

10. And for those of you who just can’t get enough racing, and want to go for the double header, try Saratoga Gaming and Raceway with live harness racing and slots.


  1. Your # 2 is wrong. The Oklahoma Training Track morning workouts are not open to the public.

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks for stopping by. No one I know has ever been turned away from watching the workouts at the Oklahoma Training Track. Just sayin'... and I go there every year. Perhaps you need to drive in with me...