Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pick Six and Me

Notice I didn’t say “the" Pick Six and me because this is not a post about the elusive wager that I have never hit and seldom play. No this is about Pick Six, the horse. “Wally” is his nickname, and I’ve been following him since the first time he ever ran. The big, handsome bay colt, by Dynaformer, out of Oh What a Windfall , could there be a more perfect name ?, won me over the first time we met, when he nickered to me. Now I know he talked to everybody like the greeter at Wal-Mart, hence the name, but you don’t see that very often at the track unless it’s feeding time. “Wally” liked to greet everybody that walked into the barn. Maybe he was always “hoping” it was feeding time, I don’t know, but he has lots of personality. And so, I would visit him every chance I could, but since he has changed barns this year, I haven’t seen him. Mr. Oare, if you catch wind of this, let me know when the big boy has had enough. Anyway, he has done a lot of travelling this year, been in some big races and most often gives a good account of himself. He is running in the Sussex Stakes on Saturday at Delaware, and it could be his day.

The blinkers have come off for his last two starts.  He has had five graded stakes races in a row,out of his last 6 starts, but his last effort at Colonial was a very good try against softer. I think he will appreciate the drop in class and  though he has never won going a mile and 1/16 , he has been second 5 times.  He worked 5/8ths, just 13 days after his last effort, then came back with a ½ mile over the turf at Delaware on Monday. At age six,  despite all the travelling,  and a race every month, it would appear that that he is staying in good shape. Not crazy about the one hole, ever, but I look for him to settle just behind what little speed there is in the race, which looks like it could be Nicanor. The two Dynaformer boys, might be my exacta. Not sure what Bullsbay will be doing, will he like the lawn? I hope the weather breaks a little in the Delaware Valley, this heat can be tough on man and beast. Good luck and a safe trip to my buddy, Pick Six.


  1. Wally, love it! He has two strong names. However, on Saturday, Pleasant Strike may be the one to upset the Dynaformer apple cart

  2. Poor old Pick Six. Yes, he was a character in his old barn. Gone are his comrades as well, Minister's Joy a son of Deputy Minister,(breeding ability here folks) still racing at an old age of 8, Parading returned to his roots at Claiborne Farm(at least he got lucky) and Dancing Forever who is standing in India,horses love the heat you know,(thanks for the memories big boy, bye,bye)The only jock that understood him was Rene Douglas. How I miss him as a rider.
    So even though the group has disbanded we still remember them all with joy in our hearts and hopes that they will have a good life at some point in their careers.
    Pick Six does have a weak spot and is why he wears fronts. Hope it all holds up for him because he was the ONLY winning horse the Phipps Stable had last summer here at Saratoga. Besides being your boy! Go Pick Six!

  3. Anne,

    I think he has an old, small bow. And bowed tendons can "set up" and can often become a "non" issue. If there's one injury that's better to get than any other leg injury, it's a small bow. With the proper time ,horses can be totally sound again. With what he's done this year, I think he's made of iron.
    Yes, I often think of Rene Douglas. I hope he's working through his ordeal.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Brian,
    You could be right about Pleasant Strike, with the exception of last time ( what happened there?) he is super consistant. But they have met before, and maybe it's Pick Six's turn. Can you tell I have a bit of tunnel vision when it comes to this horse?
    And, it's not to late to add Trappe Shot as #17, maybe you could just replace one or two on your list (!)If your topic was " who Impressed you" than I think without a doubt TS 's performance on Belmont Day, was that and then some, just sayin' ... but as you say, guess we'll know more after Saturday Thanks for stopping by.